Common Causes of Clogged Drains and How to Prevent Them

Nothing is more annoying than having a clogged drain in your house. Not only does a clogged drain or overflowing toilet hamper your usual daily routine, but it can also cause foul odors, water damage, and even health issues. It is important to understand the most common causes of clogged drains so that you can take preventative measures to avoid this issue from occurring.


One of the most common causes of clogged drains, especially in your bathroom, is hair. This is due to the fact that hair can easily become tangled and wrapped up in the drain with residue from soap, shampoo, conditioners, and even bathroom cleaners. This can form a very tight blockage in your drains, so it is best to use a drain cover or strainer in your bathroom that can collect the loose hair and you can simply throw it in the trash. You will also need to regularly clean these covers to avoid the hair from finding its way into the drain.

Food Waste & Grease

In your kitchen, waste from food and grease from cooking can cause your sinks to overflow due to clogged drains. For example, grease actually solidifies in your drain which causes a major clog, so it’s better to get rid of grease in your garbage can rather than your drain. You should also use sink strainers that can catch food particles and other debris before they go into your drain.

Soap Scum

Soap scum and even build-up from shampoos and conditioners as well as mineral deposits can accumulate in your bathroom drains. This reduces the capacity of water that drains can hold and eventually causes clogs. Regular cleaning is imperative to prevent this from happening. You can use a mixture of hot water and vinegar to flush out your drains once a month. This is a natural solution that will help dissolve soap scum, mineral deposits, and shampoo and conditioner residue to keep your drains free and clear and the water flowing properly.

Small Toys, Cotton Swabs, or Jewelry

If you have small children, you want to check your drains out frequently for any toys they may have put down. There are also other objects that can fall into your drains and cause a clog, such as cotton swabs and jewelry. Keep these types of small objects away from your dreams and teach your children not to put things down the toilet or down a drain that does not belong there. If you notice that something is in your drain, be sure to remove it right away before it causes major issues.

Tree Roots

If you are having problems with your sewer drains or your main drain out to the street from your house, one of the most common culprits is tree roots. Tree roots are attracted to water so they will come through your drain in search of it. By having your lines regularly inspected by professionals, you can keep this from happening or get rid of them right away when it does happen.

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