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    Our Drain Cleaning Packages

    Starting as low as $125, we provide a wide range of drain cleaning solutions, choose the right package for your situation.

    Standard Drain Cleaning Services
    Basic main drain cleaning service with a simple clog removal.
    Standard equipment and tools used for drain cleaning.
    Single attempt at clearing the main drain.
    Service provided during regular business hours.
    Limited warranty or guarantee on work performed.
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    Drain Cleaning Services + Added Benefits
    Use of advanced equipment and tools for more effective and efficient drain cleaning.
    Multiple attempts at clearing the main drain, if necessary.
    Service provided during extended hours, including weekends and holidays.
    Wider coverage with a longer warranty or guarantee on work performed.
    Additional value-added services, such as camera inspection or root removal.
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    Best Drain Cleaning Services Available
    Premium main drain cleaning service with top-of-the-line equipment and tools for superior results.
    In-depth inspection and diagnosis of the main drain, including video camera inspection.
    Advanced techniques for thorough and long-lasting drain cleaning, such as hydro-jetting.
    Unlimited attempts at clearing the main drain until the issue is resolved.
    Extended warranty or guarantee on work performed, including parts and labor.
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    Eagle Drains provides fast, reliable, affordable main drain inspection and cleaning services in the greater Philadelphia, PA, area including the following counties:

    • Bucks County
    • Montgomery County
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    • Delaware County
    • Philadelphia County

    Our drain inspectors are at the forefront of the latest techniques. We take an individual approach, tailoring our methods to fit your home and your needs.

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    Drain Cleaning Services Philadelphia




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    Drain Cleaning Services Philadelphia

    When I was a child, I remember watching in amazement as my father wrestled with a stubborn drain in our kitchen. He used everything – from the old trusty plunger to makeshift contraptions crafted out of coat hangers. I remember laughter, frustration, and water… lots of it. This is when we called Drain Cleaning Services Philadelphia.

    It wasn’t until much later, having faced my own drainage predicaments, that I truly appreciated the art and necessity of professional drain cleaning services. With that humorous yet telling trip down memory lane, let’s plunge into the world of drain cleaning in Philadelphia.

    Comparing Drain Cleaning Methods

    Every home or establishment in Philadelphia will, at one point or another, require some form of drain cleaning. However, the method employed can greatly influence the outcome. For instance, the tried-and-true method of snaking has been used for years to break up minor blockages effectively.

    But then, there are more obstinate blockages which cower in the face of hydro jetting, a method that uses high-pressure water to obliterate debris. While chemical cleaners might appear as a magic solution, they often accompany a suite of environmental concerns and can be harmful to pipes.

    Then there’s the organic enzyme cleaners – a milder, greener choice, albeit slower in action. And if you’re one for thoroughness, nothing beats a manual cleaning. Post-cleaning, one can even opt for camera inspections to ensure a thorough job. The crucial aspect is understanding which method is suited for your specific situation.

    At Eagle Drains, we pride ourselves on helping Philadelphia residents choose aptly.

    What Can Go Wrong?

    If drain cleaning was as easy as pouring some liquid or pushing a tool, we’d all be experts. But there’s an art and science to it. Choose the wrong method, and you might end up exacerbating the issue. For instance, repeated use of strong chemicals can corrode your pipes, leading to bigger, costlier problems. And while the DIY approach has its merits, a simple misstep could escalate a minor blockage into a major plumbing emergency.

    Eco-friendly Drain Cleaning: A Reality with Eagle Drains

    Our planet is precious, and its well-being is intertwined with our actions. Drain cleaning doesn’t have to be an exception. At Eagle Drains, we are pioneers in integrating eco-friendly practices into effective drain cleaning. While traditional methods might rely on aggressive chemicals, we lean towards green solutions.

    By employing organic enzyme-based solutions, we ensure blockages are effectively addressed without introducing harmful substances into the environment. Furthermore, techniques like hydro jetting are not only effective but also environmentally benign, using only water as the cleaning agent. Our commitment is clear: effective drain cleaning that’s in harmony with nature.

    Questions to Ask Your Drain Cleaning Service Provider

    Navigating the maze of drain cleaning services can be daunting. But asking the right questions can illuminate your path. Here are some pointers:

    1. Methodology:

    When it comes to drain cleaning, the methods employed can make all the difference. Some techniques are more suitable for specific types of blockages or pipe materials, while others might be overkill or too gentle to be effective. By inquiring about the methodology, you ensure that the service provider is equipped to handle your specific issue and isn’t simply applying a one-size-fits-all approach. Moreover, understanding the methods they plan to employ helps in setting appropriate expectations. For example, certain methods might require more downtime or might be noisier than others. It’s always beneficial to be in the know.

    2. Eco-consciousness:

    Today’s consumers aren’t just concerned about immediate results; they also care deeply about the long-term impacts of the services they procure. The drain cleaning industry, like many others, has evolved to incorporate more eco-friendly methods in response to increasing environmental awareness. Asking about eco-conscious practices helps you gauge a company’s commitment to sustainability.

    Chemical cleaners, while often effective, can be detrimental to the environment, seeping into the ground and contaminating water sources. An eco-conscious company would prioritize methods that are as kind to the environment as they are effective in cleaning drains.

    3. Post-service care:

    The job doesn’t end once the drain is cleaned. Ensuring the effectiveness and longevity of the service is just as crucial. By asking about post-service care, you gauge the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction beyond the immediate service. Do they offer follow-up checks? Can they provide camera inspections to confirm that the blockage has been entirely removed?

    Post-service care is not just about ensuring a job well done; it’s about building trust and long-term relationships. A company that values post-service care understands that their reputation hinges not just on immediate results but also on long-term satisfaction.

    4. Safety measures:

    Drain cleaning, while routine, does come with its set of risks. The use of certain tools or chemicals might pose hazards to both the property and the inhabitants. Therefore, it’s imperative to inquire about the safety measures the service provider takes. Do they use chemicals that are safe for your pipes and septic system? What precautions do they take to ensure that there’s no collateral damage during the process? This line of questioning ensures that the company is not only effective but also considers the safety of their clients and their property a top priority.

    5. Handling Complications:

    Every home or building is unique, and often, what appears as a straightforward job can throw unexpected challenges. Drains can be unpredictable. An experienced service provider would have encountered and successfully navigated a myriad of complications. Asking about how they handle unforeseen challenges can provide insight into their level of expertise and preparedness.

    Whether it’s discovering older pipe systems that require special care or encountering unusually stubborn blockages, a competent service provider will have strategies in place. This not only ensures that the job gets done but also that it’s done with the utmost care and efficiency.

    Ask About Our Professional Drain Cleaning Services Philadelphia

    Life has a way of throwing curveballs, and clogged drains can disrupt our day-to-day life. Regular drain maintenance not only keeps such disruptions at bay but also prolongs the lifespan of your drainage system. For residents in Philadelphia, the choice is clear. With Eagle Drains, you’re not just opting for a service; you’re choosing peace of mind, efficiency, and a commitment to our beautiful planet. So, the next time your drains whisper for attention, you know who to call.

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